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It's always refreshing to hear some of the lesser known songs of classic groups.

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An advertisement for a German supermarket, but entertaining as hell nonetheless.  The Guardian gives some context.

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Frankie Smith

This is simultaneously f'ckn ridiculous and what the world needs more of.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Directed by Ben Stiller

I caught this film at the AARP Film Festival, complete with a Q&A session with Ben Stiller, and found it absolutely charming.

Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, the reserved manager of photographer negatives at Life Magazine, who longs to ask out fellow coworker, Cheryl Melhoff, played by Kristin Wiig, but who can only seem to act on his desires in frequent bouts of daydreams.  Mitty's quiet routine is shaken up, when a change management specialist, played by Adam Scott, swoops in and begins shuttering down the printed version of Life magazine in favor of an internet replacement, and the cover photograph negative for the last issue goes missing.

The film has comedic elements, and there are sequences that had my significant other and I laughing out loud; however, it has a more sincere "live life to its fullest" message running at its core, making the film feel more substantial than other comedies.

There is gorgeous cinematography.  Between Walter Mitty's daydreams and his hopping from country to country, in hopes of hunting down explorer/photographer, Sean O'Conell, played by Sean Penn,  it's a visual feast, complete with nicely mixed-in digital effects.  

The acting is well-done, all around.  Kristin Wiig, in particular stuck out for making a potentially forgettable love-interest character, quirky and personable.

I was not expecting much going in, but thought this family-friendly film delivered.

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Moussa Dombia

Man oh man, what energy.

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Spectacular Now

Spectacular Now
Directed by James Ponsoldt

I caught an advanced screening of this and liked it.  Sharp writing, especially the dialogue.  Fantastic acting by and chemistry of the two leads Miles Teller playing Sutter Keely and Shailene Woodley playing Aimee Finicky.

There's two themes to the movie.  First is the love story between Miles and Aimee, two high schoolers, who have different personalities and run in different circles, but who just work together.  This portion sparkled.  The dialogue and interactions between the two are really what sells the movie - fun and natural.

The second is Miles' coming-of-age story.  He's gone most of his childhood growing up without his father and the conflict of the movie comes from when he and Aimee get to meet his father.  And this area does not quite work as well.  Miles is a very likeable character, witty, charming and sensitive throughout entire front half of the movie, so when the conflict arises, it feels a bit abrupt and shallow.  i.e. the resolution feel more like working through a minor spat, rather than addressing any deeper or larger issues.  Which is slightly sad, because it is quite clear that the writers really put a lot of thought and effort into the love story theme and had they put as much effort into the coming-of-age portion, this would have been quite an rich and interesting film.
But as it is, it's still quite an enjoyable film, one that I would recommend seeing.

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NSJ Crew

Hell yes.

Who previously were involved in Hot cheetos and Taki's

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